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XML Training

Class Room Training

  • Training for 30 Days
  • Daily 1Hr 30 Min
  • Printed Material
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance

Online Training

  • Training for 30 Days
  • Daily 1Hr 30 Min
  • Material through Softcopy
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance

Weekend Training

  • Training for 4 Weeks
  • Every Weekend day 3 Hrs
  • Printed/Softcopy Material
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance

XML Training Course Content Overview

What is XML?

  • What is markup? (Markup = Tagging)?
  • What are the similarities between HTML and XML?
  • Is XML is Replacement for HTML?
  • What are the differences between HTML and XML?
  • What is the purpose of XML?
  • What XML Does?
  • Who invented XML tags?
  • What is an XML document?
  • What is XML application?

XML Syntax

  • An example XML document
  • All XML elements must have a closing tag
  • XML tags are case sensitive
  • All XML elements must be properly nested
  • All XML documents must have a root tag
  • Attribute values must always be quoted
  • Entity References
  • Comments in XML
  • White-space is Preserved in XML

What is a well-formed XML document?

What is an XML Element?

What are the XML Naming Rules?

What are the Best Naming Practices?

XML Attributes

  • XML Attributes Must be Quoted
  • Use of Elements vs. Attributes
  • Avoid using attributes? (I say yes!)
  • XML Attributes for Metadata
  • XML Documents Form a Tree Structure
  • How to view XML files

How to develop an XML document?

How to check the well-formedness of XML document?

How to validate XML document?

What is an XML parser? What are its functions?

What is DTD?

What are the constituents of DTD file? (Contains)

  • Elements
  • Attributes
  • Entities
  • PCDATA – Parsed Character Data
  • CDATA – (Unparsed) Character Data

DTD – Elements

  • Declaring an Element
  • Empty elements
  • Elements with data
  • Elements with children (sequences)

What is cardinality operator in DTD?

  • Declaring only one occurrence of the same element
  • Declaring minimum one occurrence of the same element
  • Declaring zero or more occurrences of the same element
  • Declaring zero or one occurrences of the same element
  • Declaring mixed content

DTD – Attributes

  • Declaring Attributes
  • Attribute declaration example
  • Default attribute value
  • Implied attribute
  • Required attribute
  • Fixed attribute value
  • Enumerated attribute values

DTD – Entities

  • Entities as variables used to define shortcuts to common text.
  • Entity references are references to entities.
  • Entities can be declared internal.
  • Entities can be declared external

How to associate a DTD with XML

  • Inside an XML document
  • External reference.

What do you know about SYSTEM keyword in DOCTYPE declaration?

What are the limitations of DTD?

What is an XSD?

What XSD defines?

Compare and contrast DTDs and XSDs?

Data Types

  • Simple Types
  • Complex Types

How to give Default and Fixed Values to Simple Elements ?

How to Define an Attribute?

How to define fixed and default values to attributes?

How to specify an attribute as optional/ required?

XSD Restrictions/Facets

  • Restrictions on Values
  • Restrictions on a Set of Values
  • Restrictions on a Series of Values
  • Number of Digits
  • Restrictions on Whitespace Characters
  • Restrictions on Length
  • Restrictions for Datatypes

Nonatomic Types

  • Lists
  • Unions

Complex Types

  • Elements with attributes
  • Elements with sub elements
  • Elements with attributes and text
  • Elements with sub elements and text

Empty Elements


Order Indicators

  • All
  • Choice
  • Sequence

Occurrence Indicators

  • maxOccurs
  • minOccurs

Group Indicators

  • Group name
  • AttributeGroup name

Annotating XML Schemas

XML Namespaces

Refer a Schema in an XML Document

Import/Include Schemas

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