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Tableau 10.3 Online Course

Tableau Introduction

Best Tableau 10.3 Technology Training institution in Hyderabad is SkillXpert. Learn Table Technolgy with one of Software Industry experts who has 12+ years of Data warehouse Experience and more than 6 years of into Tableau.

Tableau successful Business Intelligence market leading tool used to discover the overall data and presenting in neat and understandable manner. By using Tableau data visualization, we can take quick decision making and fast data analytics. Even non-it people can able to do Tableau Course.

Tableau Career

Tableau is a Fast Growing Business Intelligence(BI) tool.

More than 2 Million Employees are working on tableau data visualization.

Tableau established in 2004,now tableau having 45,5000+ clients worldwide.

Who can Learn Tableau ?

Any Graduate can Learn Tableau Course.

No Programming skills required to learn the Tableau BI Tool.

NON IT Employees/ students can Learn Tableau Course.

Tableau Course Content

     Introduction to Tableau

     What is Data Visualization and Why Tableau?

     Different products of Tableau

     Tableau Desktop Basics

     Making your Data Ready

Creating Your First Visualizations and Dashboard

     Connecting to data in Access

     Foundations for building visualizations

     Visualizing data

     Bar charts

     Extending bar charts for deeper analysis

     Line charts

     Extending line charts for deeper analysis

     Geographic visualizations

     Filled maps

     Symbol maps

     Using Show Me

     Bringing everything together in a dashboard

     Building your dashboard

Working with Data in Tableau

     The Tableau paradigm

     A simple example

     Connecting to data

     Connecting to data in a file

     Connecting to data on a server

     Connecting to data in the cloud

     Shortcuts for connecting to data

     Working with extracts instead of live connections

     Creating extracts

     Using extracts


     Portability and security

     When to use an extract

     Metadata and sharing data source connections

     Customizing a data source

     Sharing a data source

     An example of customizing and sharing a connection

     Joins and blends

     Joining tables

     Blending data sources

     A blending example

     Filtering data

     Filtering discrete (blue) fields

     Filtering continuous (green) fields

     Filtering dates

     Other filtering options

Moving from Foundational to Advanced Visualizations

     Comparing values across different dimensions

     Bar charts

     Bar chart variations

     Bullet charts – showing progress toward a goal

     The bar-in-bar chart

     Highlighting a single category

     Visualizing dates and times

     The built-in date hierarchy

     Variations in date and time visualizations

     Gantt charts

     Relating parts of the data to the whole

     Stacked bars


     Area charts

     Pie charts

     Visualizing distributions

     Circle charts


     Box and whisker plots


     Visualizing multiple axes to compare different measures


     Dual Axis

     Combination charts

Using Row-level and Aggregate Calculations

     Creating and editing calculations

     Three levels of calculation

     A row-level example

     An aggregate-level example

     Row level or aggregate – why does it matter?


     Creating parameters

     Practical examples of calculations and parameters

     Fixing data issues

     Extending the data

     Enhancing user experience, analysis, and visualizations

     Achieving flexibility with data blends

     Ad hoc calculations

     Performance considerations

Table Calculations

     An overview of table calculations

     Creating and editing table calculations

     Quick table calculations

     Scope and direction

     Working with scope and direction

     Addressing and partitioning

     Advanced addressing and partitioning

     Advanced table calculations

     Practical examples

     Moving Average

     Ranking within higher levels

     Late filtering

     Last occurrence

Formatting a Visualization to Look Great and Work Well

     Formatting considerations

     How formatting works in Tableau

     Worksheet-level formatting

     Field-level formatting

     Additional formatting options

     Adding value to visualizations


Telling a Data Story with Dashboards

     Dashboard objectives

     Example – is least profitable always unprofitable?

     Building the views

     Creating the dashboard framework

     Implementing actions to tell the story

     How actions work

     Filter actions

     Highlight actions

     URL actions

     Example – a regional scorecard

     Story points

Adding Value to Analysis – Trends, Distributions and Forecasting


     Customizing trend lines

     Trend models

     Analyzing trend models



Making Data Work for You

     Structuring data for Tableau

     Good structure – tall and narrow instead of short and wide

     Good structure – star schemas (data mart / data warehouse)

     Dealing with data structure issues

     Restructuring data in Tableau connections

     Working with poorly shaped data in visualizations

     Working with an incorrect level of detail

     An overview of advanced fixes for data problems


     Create Projects and Groups

     Assign Permissions to Projects


     Data Connections

     Effects of different permissions

     Grouping users

     Server security

Additional Information

     Day to Day video records

     Material distribution

     Interview questions & Answers

     Scenarios distribution for practice

Job Opportunities:

After the course completion, we have strong clients Relation Existing with many IT Organizations, we will help the students with Placement Assistance Program with these Clients.

List of the Companies Offering Job Opportunities to our Students.

Infosys Wipro Prokarma
Cognizant Virtusa Marlabs
GalaxESolutions CapGemini Cigniti
Polaris HSBC ValueLabs
Deloitte NTT Data GalaxESolutions
Persistent iGate Sapient

Course Complete Certification:

We implemented Course Complete Certification process to give enormous information and support through the projects to our students, the one who gets the course complete certification is eligible to login to the projects developed and will be developed by us on the related technology, tools and course.

This Access will be provided for 12 months for the student from the day when he gets his CCC for SkillXpert.