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  • Training for 30 Days
  • Daily 1Hr 30 Min
  • Printed Material
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance

Online Training

  • Training for 30 Days
  • Daily 1Hr 30 Min
  • Material through Softcopy
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance

Weekend Training

  • Training for 4 Weeks
  • Every Weekend day 3 Hrs
  • Printed/Softcopy Material
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Salesforce Training – Administration, Development, Integration

About Course :

Salesforce Training: It is a cloud computing base technology which will provide the best social enterprise software-as-a-service in the world. is a virtual development and deployment environment which will deletes the installing of any software and hardware. Salesforce Training will cover Administration & Configuration, Development, Data Migration, Unit Testing, deployment process and Integrations.

Best Salesforce Training institution is SkillXpert. Learn Salesforce Training with onf of the software industry expert, who have been dealing with Salesforce Applications since a decade.

Course Objectives

  • After completion of the course you will be able to
  • Understand why is emerging technology and use of standard Applications (standard functionality which is provided by
  • Learn How to create the Custom Applications, Tabs, Sobjects, Fields, Relationships, Validations, Formula Fields, and Data Migration process.
  • Understand create the Workflows and Approval process, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Understand create the Profiles, Users, Public Groups, OWD and Sharing Rules.
  • Learn to Develop the Visualforce pages, Apex Controllers, Apex Triggers, Webservice Classes, and Apex Test Classes.
  • Learn to develop the Lightning components.
  • Understand deployment process from one environment to another environment.

Salesforce Course Curriculum

Cloud Computing Concepts

  • What is Traditional Computing?
  • Disadvantages of Traditional Computing?
  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Advantages of Cloud computing over Traditional Computing?
  • Phases of Cloud Computing
    • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)
    • PAAS (Platform as a Service)
    • SAAS (Software as a Service)
  • Different types of Clouds?
  • Architecture of Cloud Computing?

CRM Overview

  • What is CRM?
  • How CRM can help to Business?
  • Advantages of the CRM?
  • What are different types of CRM technologies in the market?
  • Why CRM is so famous than other CRM technologies?

Salesforce Overview

  • What is
  • History of the
  • Architecture of the
  • Different Clouds in
  • Different Clouds in
  • What is Appexchnage?

Salesforce Administration & Configuration

Sales Cloud Concepts

  • What is Campaign Management?
  • What is Lead Management?
  • Home Page, Tabs, Apps, Tab Home Pages, Record, Detail Page, Related lists and Sidebar
  • Understanding Campaigns
  • Understanding Leads and Opportunities
  • Adding A Lead
  • Web –to-Lead
  • Converting A Lead
  • Adding An Account
  • Team Contacts
  • Edit An Account Record
  • Adding An Opportunity
  • Adding A Product To An Opportunity
  • Different types of Price Books
  • Sales ID
  • Adding A Contact
  • Adding A Task
  • Creating A View
  • Connect To Microsoft Outlook
  • Send And Add An Email
  • Activity History
  • Logging A Call
  • Submitting A Case
  • Documents Tab

Service Cloud Concepts

  • What is the difference between Sales cloud and Service Cloud?
  • What is Case and creating the Case?
  • What is Solution and Providing the Solution for Case?
  • Researching and Resolving Cases
  • Communicating the Outcome
  • Automate case management
  • Capturing and associating cases efficiently
  • Helping customers helping themselves
  • Improving productivity

Vocabulary of

  • Creation of Application
    • Standard Applications
    • Custom Applications
  • Creation of Tab
    • Custom Object Tabs
    • Web Tabs
    • Visualforce Tabs
    • Lightning Tabs
  • Creation of Sobjects
    • Standard Sobjects
    • Custom Sobjects
  • Creation of Fields
  • Validation Rules
  • Formula Fields
  • Roll-up Summary
  • Different types of Relationships
  • Page Layouts
  • Record Types
  • Assignment Rules
  • Auto-Response Rules
  • List Views
  • Data Migration
    • Data Import Wizard
    • Security Token
    • Apex Data Loader
    • Workbench
  • Creation of Workflows and Approval Process
  • Manage Users
    • Profiles
    • Users
    • Public Groups
    • Permission Sets
    • Queues
  • Security Controls
    • OWD
    • Sharing Settings
  • Reports
  • Dashboards

Salesforce Development

  • OOPS Concepts
  • What is language?
  • Different types of Data types?
  • Different types of Access Specifiers?
  • Types of Control Statements?
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Class
  • Constructor
  • Member Methods
  • Objects

Development Concepts

  • Collections
    • List
    • Set
    • Map
  • Database
    • DML
    • SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language)
    • Dynamic SOQL
    • SOSL (Salesforce Object Search Language)
    • Aggregate Functions
    • Governor Limits
  • Batch Apex
    • QueryLocator
    • Start
    • Execute
    • Finish
    • AsyncApexJob
  • Schedule Apex
    • Execute
  • Annotations
  • Assertions
  • Logging
  • Exception Handling
  • Email Services
    • Inbound Email Handler
    • Outbound Email Handler
  • Custom Settings
    • Manage Custom Setting Data
  • What is Apex Trigger?
  • What are trigger events?
  • What are Trigger Context Variables?
  • Different Scenarios with different trigger events?
  • Unit Testiing


  • What is Visualforce?
  • Different ways of Creating Visualforce page?
  • Different types Components in Visualforce page?
  • Controllers
    • Standard Controller
    • Custom Controller
    • Extensions
  • PageBlockTable
  • DataTable
  • DataList
  • Repeat
  • RecordSetVar
  • Render
  • RenderAs
  • reRender
  • Ajax Functions
  • Styling with CSS
  • Static Resources

Additional Topics

  • Deployment Process
  • Process Builder
  • Lightning Concepts
  • Integrations
    • SOAP
    • RES

Job Opportunities:

After the course completion, we have strong clients Relation Existing with many IT Organizations, we will help the students with Placement Assistance Program with these Clients.

List of the Companies Offering Job Opportunities to our Students.

Infosys Wipro Prokarma
Cognizant Virtusa Marlabs
GalaxESolutions CapGemini Cigniti
Polaris HSBC ValueLabs
Deloitte NTT Data GalaxESolutions
Persistent iGate Sapient

Course Complete Certification:

We implemented Course Complete Certification process to give enormous information and support through the projects to our students, the one who gets the course complete certification is eligible to login to the projects developed and will be developed by us on the related technology, tools and course.

This Access will be provided for 12 months for the student from the day when he gets his CCC for SkillXpert.