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Class Room Training

  • Training for 30 Days
  • Daily 1Hr 30 Min
  • Printed Material
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance

Online Training

  • Training for 30 Days
  • Daily 1Hr 30 Min
  • Material through Softcopy
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance

Weekend Training

  • Training for 4 Weeks
  • Every Weekend day 3 Hrs
  • Printed/Softcopy Material
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance


Best OBIEE Training institution is SkillXpert. Learn OBIEE Training with one of the software industry expert, who have been dealing with OBIEE Applications since a decade.

Data warehouse Concepts

  • Data warehouse
  • Data mart
  • Basics of Data Warehousing
  • What is OLTP and OLAP?
  • Difference between OLTP and OLAP

Dimensional Modeling Overview

  • Introduction to Dimensional Modeling
  • Dimensional table
  • Fact table
  • Aggregate table
  • Star schema
  • Snowflake schema
  • Star schema Vs. Snowflake schema
  • Fact Vs. Dimension table
  • Types of Facts
  • Types of Dimensions
  • Level of Granularity
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions( SCD )
  • Normalization
  • DE normalization

OBIEE Overview

  • Introduction to OBIEE 10 G
  • What is OBIEE?
  • Advantages of OBIEE
  • End to End Life Cycle of OBIEE
  • Types of Reports
  • Components OF OBIEE
  • Client Components Of OBIEE
  • OBIEE Architecture
  • Difference between OBIEE 10g and OBIEE 11g
  • Difference between OBIEE 10g

Repository Basics

  • What is Meta data?
  • Creating a Repository using BI Administration Tool
  • Physical, Business Model and Mapping, and presentation layers
  • Properties of repository objects
  • Online Mode and Offline Mode

Building the Physical Layer of a Repository

  • Physical Layer from Relational Data Sources
  • Database Objects
  • Setting Up and Properties of Connection Pools
  • Physical Tables
  • Alias Tables
  • Physical Layer Folders
  • Physical Joins
  • Defining Physical Foreign Keys and Joins
  • Using Database
  • Viewing Data in Physical Tables or Columns
  • Creating and Editing a Column in a Physical Table
  • Primary Key and Foreign Key Relationships
  • Complex Joins
  • Opaque Views

Business Model and Mapping Layer

  • Business Model Objects
  • Duplicate Business Model and Presentation Catalog
  • Creating and Administering Logical Tables
  • Creating and Administering Logical Columns
  • Creating and Administering Logical Table Sources (Mappings)
  • Dimensions and Hierarchical Levels
  • Process of Creating and Administering Dimensions
  • Unbalanced (Ragged) and Skip-Level Hierarchies
  • Parent-Child Hierarchies
  • Subject Areas for Logical Stars and Snowflakes
  • Display Folders
  • Logical Joins
  • Level Based Measures
  • Time Series Function

Presentation Layer

  • About the Presentation Layer
  • Creating and Customizing the Presentation Layer
  • Working with Subject Areas
  • Working with Presentation Tables and Columns
  • Setting Permissions for Presentation Layer Objects
  • Creating Aliases (Synonyms) for Presentation Layer Objects

Advantages of Caching Cache Manager

  • Using the Cache Manager
  • Monitoring and Managing the Cache
  • Working with Subject Areas
  • Purging and Maintaining Cache

Config Files

  • Nqs Config
  • Nqs Server
  • Nqs Query
  • Instance Config


  • Variable
  • Repository Variables
  • Session Variables
  • System and Non System Variables
  • Initialization Blocks


  • Data level Security
  • Object Level Security
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Users and Groups

Types Of Authentication

  • LDAP Authentication
  • External Table Authentication
  • Database Authentication
  • Oracle BI Delivers and Database Authentication
  • Oracle BI Server User Authentication


  • Types of Views
  • Column Properties
  • Filters


  • Dashboard Page
  • Dashboard Objects
  • Actions and Conditions
  • Kpi and Scorecard


  • Inline and Dashboard Prompts
  • Column Prompt
  • Image Prompt
  • Currency Prompt
  • Variable Prompt

Using Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers

  • Building alerts
  • Building Agents
  • Introduction to OracleBI Scheduler
  • MUDE(Multiuser Development Environment)
  • Job Opportunities:

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    Course Complete Certification:

    We implemented Course Complete Certification process to give enormous information and support through the projects to our students, the one who gets the course complete certification is eligible to login to the projects developed and will be developed by us on the related technology, tools and course.

    This Access will be provided for 12 months for the student from the day when he gets his CCC for SkillXpert.