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Class Room Training

  • Training for 30 Days
  • Daily 1Hr 30 Min
  • Printed Material
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance

Online Training

  • Training for 30 Days
  • Daily 1Hr 30 Min
  • Material through Softcopy
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance

Weekend Training

  • Training for 4 Weeks
  • Every Weekend day 3 Hrs
  • Printed/Softcopy Material
  • 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Placement Assistance

DevOps Training

Best DevOps Training institution is SkillXpert. Learn DevOps Training with one of the software industry expert, who have been dealing with DevOps Applications since a decade.

Introduction to DevOps

  • Evolution of DevOps
  • Definitions
  • DevOps and SDLC
  • DevOps on the Cloud
  • Prerequisites for DevOps
  • Introduction to Linux
    • Basics of UNIX and Linux Operating Systems
    • Linux System administration introduction
  • Continuous Testing and Integration
  • Continuous Release and Deployment
  • Continuous Application Monitoring


  • Traditional Methodologies / Practices
  • Waterfall/Agile/ Methodologies
  • DevOps Implementation
  • DevOps Tools
  • DevOps in the Organization
  • Implement ITIL with DevOps
  • Select DevOps Techniques and Practices

Version Control: Source Code Management

    • What is a version control system?
    • What is a distributed version control system?
    • Installation
    • Different levels of Git configuration
    • The process of staging and committing
    • The details of the commit objects
  • Configuration Management Activity
  • Configuration Control
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Problem Management

Build Tools

  • Introduction of Build Tools
  • Introduction of Ant
  • Introduction of Maven

Virtualization & Cloud Computing

  • Virtualization
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual bootable OS Images
  • Cloud Storage
  • SOA and Cloud
  • Risk in Cloud and DevOps security concerns
  • Introduction to AWS and AZURE
  • History and evolution of cloud
  • Cloud computing concepts
    • Cloud service models (NIST)
    • Cloud Deployment Models (NIST)
    • Characteristics and Benefits of Cloud


  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker images
  • Docker containers
  • Build custom images from a Dockerfile
  • Push and pull images to docker hub
  • Docker volumes
  • Using Docker for Continuous Integration and Deployment process
  • Introduction to Micro services

CI – Jenkins

  • Introduction to Jenkins CI
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins Overview
  • Installation
  • Configure Jenkins as stand-alone application
  • Configure Jenkins on an Application Server
  • Jenkins management
  • Support for the Git version control systems
  • Different types of Jenkins Jobs
  • Setting up a Jenkins job
  • Securing Jenkins
  • Jenkins Plugin
  • Distributed builds with Jenkins
  • Best Practices for Jenkins

DevOps Tools

  • Cloud Tools for DevOps
  • Software Configuration Management Tools
  • Software Build Tools
  • Software Release Management Tools
  • Software Configuration Management and Release
  • Continuous Integration Tools & Implementation with Build Tools
  • Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD) Systems
  • Build and Dependency Management Systems

CD – Chef

  • Overview of Chef
  • Chef Configuration Concepts
  • Setting up – Workstation, Organization and Test Node
  • Environments
  • Roles – Creation & Addition

CD – Tool Puppet

  • Introduction to Puppet
  • Installation and Configuration of Master Server and Agents
  • Managing Manifests
  • Creating and Managing Modules
  • Version control with Puppet

CD – Tool Vagrant

  • Vagrant Installation and Configuration
  • Provisioning with Vagrant
  • Using Vagrant
  • Using Vagrant in Chef for Testing


  • How to Monitor the Servers in Nagios
  • Trigger Alerts in Nagios
  • How to apply blackouts and remove blackouts

DevOps Adoption Criteria

  • Things to Look for and Avoid
  • IT Assets Ownership
  • Viewing Applications As Products, not Projects
  • DevOps in the Enterprise
  • IT Governance
  • DevOps Adoption Steps
  • Select DevOps Techniques and Practices
  • Service Quality Metrics

Job Opportunities:

After the course completion, we have strong clients Relation Existing with many IT Organizations, we will help the students with Placement Assistance Program with these Clients.

List of the Companies Offering Job Opportunities to our Students.

Infosys Wipro Prokarma
Cognizant Virtusa Marlabs
GalaxESolutions CapGemini Cigniti
Polaris HSBC ValueLabs
Deloitte NTT Data GalaxESolutions
Persistent iGate Sapient

Course Complete Certification:

We implemented Course Complete Certification process to give enormous information and support through the projects to our students, the one who gets the course complete certification is eligible to login to the projects developed and will be developed by us on the related technology, tools and course.

This Access will be provided for 12 months for the student from the day when he gets his CCC for SkillXpert.